Welcome to Canadian Goodwill!

We are saddened to hear of the recent closings of Goodwill stores in southern Ontario on January 17th, 2016.
While all Manitoba Goodwill stores operate without any affiliation to Goodwill International and without any annual government subsidies, we fully understand the daily struggles of operating a not-for-profit organization.As we do not have any affiliation by choice with any other Goodwill stores within North America, it is impossible for us to comment on what went wrong. Nevertheless we operate with the same mission to help members of our community who live with disabilities. When a community loses a helpful resource like Goodwill, many are effected in a big way. It is with sincere hope that Goodwill International is able to resolve their current financial issues so that they can return to helping those in need.As for Manitoba Goodwills, we are open for business! We look forward to continuing in making Goodwill in Manitoba great!http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/toronto/goodwill-gta-lockout-1.3407732

About Canadian Goodwill Industries

Established in 1931, in the time of the Great Depression, a Minister of the United Church started a second-hand store from the remainders of a rummage sale. His goals were a) to offer employment to those who could not find employment due to the Great Depression and b) to offer Manitoban citizens, items which they needed at a low-price.

Since 1931, Canadian Goodwill has been incorporated and is now identified as a non-profit charitable organization.

The objectives of Canadian Goodwill are to provide vocational services, rehabilitation services, and employment for persons with physical, developmental, emotional or social disabilities, whose disability are obstacles to their employment in the open market.

By collecting, refurbishing and selling used articles, Canadian Goodwill help provide these Manitoban individuals with an income, independence and self esteem.

What makes Canadian Goodwill Special?

When you purchase merchandise from Canadian Goodwill you are supporting a charity. Money raised in Canadian Goodwill stores stays in Manitoba to help the citizens of Manitoba.

Canadian Goodwill Industries is completely self-supporting and has never received any type of government funding. Thanks to the wonderful donations we receive on a daily basis, and our loyal customers, Canadian Goodwill Industries has helped Manitobans for over 80 years.

Not only does Canadian Goodwill help those within the organization, Canadian Goodwill also donates to external local charities.

When you give to Canadian Goodwill, you are giving to your own community.

What does Canadian Goodwill Do?

Canadian Goodwill offers an atmosphere of dignity and respect for those who want to help themselves.

Canadian Goodwill works to help rebuild the community in three ways.

1. By retraining people for new jobs;

2. By helping people develop job skills and:

3. By recycling used goods.

Canadian Goodwill offers job placement to individuals with special needs by training them to be successful in areas such as appliance repair, upholstery, carpentry, and customer service.

The Canadian Goodwill employment programs help the environment by recycling. Items in good condition are priced and placed for sale in one of the Canadian Goodwill Stores.

Anything which is not repairable is recycled as much as possible. Parts are taken off non-working electronics to be used in repairing other electronics. Clothing articles which are stained or torn are taken to the wiper department and are sold as re-usable cleaning rags.

When you purchase from Canadian Goodwill

Waste into Wages

Junk into Jobs


Discards into Timecards